A Narrative/Puzzle VR game built for the HTC Vive



Dissonance is a narrative puzzle game developed for the HTC Vive. You wake up in an abandoned home and quickly realize there isn't any straightforward way out. Through investigation you find yourself lost within the memories of the room's former occupants. By following the cryptic messages appearing on your phone, you will unravel their story and the space around you towards eventually escaping.


The narrative focuses upon the home of a family of four, who you never once see but learn to understand through finding their impacts on the room you explore. As you progress through the game, so does time, where you will explore through the few years of this family's lives within the home. Explore from the first day the move in, until the day the last of them leave.


In VR, your two hands are your way of interacting with the environment, further immersing yourself into this family’s world. The puzzles begin with a hint of direction from your texts and then must be solved through contextual interactions found around the room. Each puzzle links back to events of memories left here within the room and reveal more about the family.

Dissonance Senior Show Reel

Dissonance Teaser Trailer